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Independent Engineering 
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Independent Engineering
Our Equipment and Infrastructure based transaction monitoring experience includes cost reviews as well as equipment reviews of large capital projects such as high capacity draglines and mining related infrastructure. When lenders finance projects or transactions that require progress payments, our team of experienced engineers has successfully monitored the project to ensure the allocation of funding is correctly paired to the work and materials provided. 
We have provided other secondary services to include:
  • Mine and property valuations
  • Reasonableness review of reserves and resources
  • Equipment specification and selection for appropriateness
  • Capital and operating cost and budget reviews
  • Capital cost and project cost control monitoring
  • Equipment and Infrastructure based transaction monitoring
Typically our assignments incorporate the following minimum aspects:
  • A review of the project budget, the Plans and specifications, the existing project agreements and the contracts and permits related to the obtaining, transporting, and assembling and construction of the equipment or Infrastructure specifying that the amounts provided for in the project budget will be sufficient to acquire and transport the components to the site, to construct in accordance with the Plans and Specifications and the project agreements. 
  • Monitor the project’s capability of being completed by the completion date in accordance with the plans and specifications and the project agreements.
  • Periodic certification, confirming the accuracy and completeness of the construction.
  • Results of the Equipment’s start-up, testing and acceptance procedures and that of the project’s completion date. Confirmation that the equipment or infrastructure is capable of performing its’ intended functions.